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Covid-19 info

All media persons and journalists have to prove a vaccination against Covid-19 according to the vaccination plan. Vaccinations have to been made not more than one year ago. For accreditation, have to make a PCR test. Persons with illness symptoms are not allowed to participate in the competition. If a media person or journalist experiences any symptoms of illnesses during the competitions, these should be reported immediately to the LOC Covid-19 Health Coordinator for next activities.


Note: If the Pre-Testing Protocol is not followed by a media person, it will result in either an accreditation not being issued, or revoked.


Masks must be worn by all media persons in all accredited areas. If social distancing cannot be maintained for on-course potions, masks will need to be worn. The mask needs to cover both the nose and mouth.


Journalists should limit movements between the official accredited areas and their hotel/accommodation only.


Media will have no direct access to athletes, competition areas, or team zones except Mixed Zone. In the mixed zone, journalists have to provide a safe distance of at least 2 meters between athletes and other participants. All in-person interviews must be conducted in the mixed zone e, or as agreed by the teams, followed required distances.


Journalists are not allowed to ask athletes to remove his/her mask - athletes should wear masks everywhere, including live interviews, ceremonies etc.


The microphone should stay only with the athlete, and the journalist should not speak into it as well and have to be disinfected after each interview, either a new plastic cover or other methods are used.


Photographers will not be able to enter the finish areas to take photos of the ceremonies. The podiums will be placed in such a way that photos of the ceremony are possible from the photo stands in the finish. Athletes’ joint pictures are not allowed.


Press conferences will be took place through a live-streamed Media channel, where journalists will have the opportunity to forward questions to the athletes. The time of press conferences will be communicated by LOC.


The media center is situated on the 3rd floor of the stadium building.


In case a team agrees with an interview or filming footage (at times where not many people are in the service area and the bubble integrity can be guaranteed), please contact the LOC and the FIS Media Coordinator for organizing the access. At all times, social distancing rules need to be followed and everyone is encouraged to wear masks.


Journalists attend the event using their own transport.


More information FIS Covid-19 Media Guidelines. 

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