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Photo/Video info



Photographers and video operators who wish to cover the FIS Cross-Country World Cup Tallinn have to fill the accreditation form


During the race days all photographer and videooperators have to wear a special photo bib at the competition area. The bibs will be handed out from the Press Centre for a deposit of 20 euros.


All questions regarding photo and video will be answered by the Chief of Photo, Tarmo Haud, +372 5097 209.



Conditions for creating audio and video content


Media representatives at the Tallinn World Cup stage are subject to restrictions on creation of audio and video content. The restrictions stem from contracts with Infront.


Under the contract, during the competition there is a prohibition on recording material related to the competition and publishing said material on the web. The only exceptions are Estonian media channels who are Estonian TV/MEDIA rights holders and international TV/MEDIA rights holders.


Distribution of video feed at the national level (in Estonia with geoblocking for Estonian TV/MEDIA rights holders) is governed by contract. The contract stipulates that other media channels may publish geoblocked short segments, up to 90 seconds long, of the competition on the following conditions:

a) the total length of the short segments from one day of competition is no more than 90 seconds and covers the opening, award and closing ceremonies (press conferences and interviews with participants recorded by the media organization itself are not subject to this restriction);

b) livecast of the segments is not permitted;

c) media organizations have the right to record short segments themselves;

d) media organizations have the right to publish short segments only after the end of the exclusive right-holding TV service provider’s television transmission from the competition;

e) the material must be recorded in the areas designated for media representatives.



By submitting an accreditation request, all representatives of media organizations covering the Tallinn World Cup stage consent to the above mentioned conditions.


Using drones is prohibited during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup.

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