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On Friday (18.01), not much precipitation. In the late evening, a light snowfall possible. Southwest and west wind 3-7 m/s.  Air temperature -5 ...-8 °C.


On Saturday (19.01) At the start of the night, a light snow is possible.  After midnight  snowfall possibility  decreases. The day is a bit less intense. At night time, wind around west, northwest 4-8 m/s. Air temperature is -8 ..-12 at night, -10 °C in the morning before midday, afternoon -4 ..- 7 °C.


On Sunday (20.01) at night, snow is falling. Day time light snow possibility. Wind around South-West and West 7-12 m/s,  during the day from North-West 5-9 m/s.  Air temperature at the beginning of the night -2 ..-4, in the morning falls to -5 ..-7 °C, during the day -4 ..-6 °C.


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