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What can I do?


We also give you simple but effective tips, which we ask you to follow when visiting the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Otepää. By following them, you also contribute to our environmental goals:


  • You can consume your own drink and food at the competitions, but please use reusable dinnerware and drinking cups and take them back home later.


  • More than three-quarters of the greenhouse gases associated with food production are related to the production of meat, dairy and egg products. Prefer plant-based alternatives and if you can, enjoy vegetarian food.


  • Think about what you take with you when you cheer for the competitions, so that there is as little litter as possible. Also, do not leave your broken chairs, flags, umbrellas, musical instruments etc under the forest or on the stands.


  • Please collect your waste by type: food waste, packaging, tare, paper, mixed waste. This reduces a very large amount of team work and time spent on it. In addition, thanks to this, more material is returned to circulation.


  • Put the sigaret cones in the designated place.


  • Find an environmentally friendly way to decorate yourself - use an already existing hat, scarf, rather than buying a new one especially for the weekend.


  • If possible, share a ride with a friend or come to the event by bus.


  • Keep it clean, respect other guests and be friends with nature!
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