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The competition centre for the FIS World Cup Nordic Combined Otepää is located at the Tehvandi Sports Centre and the official arrival points are Tallinn Airport and Port of Tallinn.


  • The competition centre is located approx. 210 km and 2,5 hours by car from Tallinn. In Tallinn, it is possible to find several car rental points both at the airport and elsewhere around the town. For public transport, guests can use the bus or train on the Tallinn-Tartu route and the bus on the Tartu-Otepää route.


  • It is also possible to arrive at the competitions in Otepää through Riga Airport in Latvia. The competition center is located approx. 220 km and 3 hours by car from Riga. The car rental points can be found at Riga airport. With public transport, it is possible to travel by bus on the Riga-Pärnu-Tartu route with Flixbus or with LuxExpress on the route of Riga-Tartu. You can use a bus that runs on the line to the competition center to Otepää from Tartu.
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