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Press Centre and parking
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Do you need a parking permit? Without it you cannot enter the town or the venue by car during the competition:
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The availablity of accommodation and transportation is limited. Please contact us about it as soon as possible. No availablity guaranteed with a short notice.

Video / Audio Footage Policy
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ATTENTION! I am aware that the access to the event venue with any kind of filming device is strictly forbidden to non-rights holders. I am absolutely not allowed to film and use any part of the event, including (but not limited to) race, qualification round, training, podium ceremony and interviews. I am also aware that no agreement has been reached with Infront Sports & Media AG and Eesti Meedia AS in order to obtain any filming media accreditation, therefore I hereby declare that I will neither access the race venue with any filming device, nor film or use any part of the event or gather audiovisual material from third parties for exploitation on my hereby registered website



Upon authorization of the domestic rightsholder to the event (Eesti Meedia AS), I have the rights to film / record audio-video material. I hereby declare under my sole responsibility that all the footage from the event, including the footage possibly received by any third party, shall be technically protected and securely geo-blocked, in order not to be accessible outside the territory of Estonia.



If interested to clear the relevant International rights please contact Infront Sports & Media AG representative Filip Grabowski by email or by phone +39 02 77 11 21.



Should I not comply with the above specifications, I am aware that Infront Sports & Media and Eesti Meedia AS shall take any appropriate legal action to protect its copyrights and proprietary rights and to receive just compensation for any loss and damages suffered. 

TV Production

The TV-broadcaster will be Eesti Meedia (contact person Marko Kaljuveer, phone: +372 50 16 425).

For further information and ordering commentary positions please contact by email

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